For the past few weeks, the AutoNaut team have been conducting tests on their uncrewed surface vessel (USV) here at the UK's home of maritime autonomy.

AutoNaut's state-of-the-art USV is propelled by wave energy with onboard data instruments powered by solar energy and used to collect valuable oceanic data. Operating independently, the USV's passage is overseen from the safety of shore allowing the USV to travel into hazardous marine environments.

Turnchapel Wharf - the home of UK maritime autonomy

The vessel being tested and sea trialed at Turnchapel Wharf this month was the AutoNaut 5.0, their larger vessel designed for carrying a larger capacity of sensors, batteries and solar panels. The hull's design gives a flexible payload and, for ease of transport, the hull can break down into two halves.

We look forward to welcoming the AutoNaut team back to Turnchapel Wharf for further trials in the coming weeks.

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Looking for a location to conduct your autonomous vessel trials?

With Thales, MSubs, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship, MarineAI, NOC, University of Southampton and AutoNaut using Turnchapel Wharf as a base, it is clear to see that Turnchapel Wharf's range of services can suit a wide range of marine autonomous projects.

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