A Devon business who specialise in using Artificial Intelligence for manned and unmanned vessels has moved into a new head office at Turnchapel Wharf, Plymouth.

Marine AI have developed their ‘Guardian’ system to utilise AI and decision-making capabilities to enhance the safety and control of autonomous vessels at sea. Working closely with their partners at IBM, Marine AI use real-time weather and AIS location data, combined with sensors and complex modelling to allow their ‘Guardian’ system to make instant decisions to ensure safe and compliant passages for unmanned vessels.

Guardian By Marine AI

The home of marine autonomy of the UK

Explaining the decision to setup their new head office at Turnchapel Wharf, Marine AI Managing Director Matthew Ratsey commented: “Turnchapel Wharf has already established itself as the home of marine autonomy of the UK with a diverse range of marine businesses operating from the site. Our aim is to continue to develop our marine AI capabilities for new projects so being based next to several other marine autonomy projects is a huge advantage to us as a business. For example, our systems are being used onboard the Mayflower Autonomous Ship which is based at Turnchapel Wharf and we work closely with many other companies which come to Plymouth for autonomous trials.”

Marine AI Office

"We’re delighted to welcome Marine AI"

Turnchapel Wharf Manager Ryan Bonney echoed Ratsey’s comments saying: “It’s incredible to see these pioneering technologies and autonomous systems being developed here in Plymouth. There’s a wide variety of projects in the field of marine autonomy which are being developed and trialled at Turnchapel Wharf, from the Mayflower Autonomous Ship to work undertaken by Thales for naval and sea security purposes. We’re delighted to welcome Marine AI and their ‘Guardian’ system into Turnchapel Wharf.”

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