XOCEAN, a leading international USV operator has recently adopted Marine AI’s ‘GUARDIAN Vision’ Artificial Intelligence software to enhance their Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) situational awareness. Using USVs, XOCEAN provides a safe, economic and carbon neutral solution to ocean data collection to multiple industries such as Offshore Wind.

Marine AI are a software engineering firm specialising in artificial intelligence used in marine autonomy who recently moved into new premises at Turnchapel Wharf.

The 'GUARDIAN Vision’ package, provides "bandwidth-friendly’ actionable information.

‘GUARDIAN Vision’ enhances the USVs’ land-based teams’ situational awareness by analysing the on-board camera feeds to detect and classify hazards and provide positional information on these hazards to the on-board control system and the remote pilot. This allows data transfer volumes to be reduced and delivers significant data and operational cost savings.



"COLREG-compliant fully autonomous capability"

“Marine AI’s ‘GUARDIAN Vision’ Artificial Intelligence software is used to enhance our USVs situational awareness” said Andrew Carlisle, Chief Technical Officer, XOCEAN. “We are impressed with the product performance and customer service we have experienced since working with Marine AI”.

“Our ‘GUARDIAN Vision’ package is the first stage of Marine AI’s modular system. Our software provides scalability to meet higher levels of autonomy and control. This ‘GUARDIAN Autonomy’ package, installed on the Mayflower Autonomous Vessel, provides our uncrewed vessel with a COLREG-compliant fully autonomous capability,” said Matthew Rattsey, MD of Marine AI.

Guardian By Marine AI

About Marine AI

Marine AI is a software engineering firm specialising in edge-based artificial intelligence software. Our aim is to deliver sensor-driven cognitive artificial intelligence to enhance maritime capabilities, on or below, the water.



Using Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs), XOCEAN provides turnkey data collection services to
surveyors, companies and agencies. From mapping the seabed to environmental monitoring, our platform offers a safe, economic and carbon neutral solution to collecting ocean data.

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