First streamed on 30th April 2021, this webinar from the IBM research team talks in-depth about the amazing Artificial Intelligence being used within the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS). 

Mayflower is a solar-powered robotic ship with an AI captain - and in May, it will begin its journey to cross the Atlantic. Crew-less and fully autonomous, the ship that IBM Research has helped to create will set sail from the UK to the US, bringing us closer to the era of autonomous transatlantic travel.

Turnchapel Wharf is the homeport for the MAS which is continuing to undergo seatrials ahead of her planned voyage in 2021.

The webinar’s host and IBM Research Editorial Lead Katia Moskvitch will chat about Mayflower’s amazing AI with the main researcher, Rosie Lickorish, based in the UK - who would be great to profile for UK reporters. Also joining us is Patrick Ruch, a chemist from the Zurich lab who has been leading the HyperTaste team. He will talk about using the tool for the oceans, of course - but will also mention how it can help you, say, spot fake whisky! This nifty little tool is like a chemical lab in your hand and can determine the contents of any liquids.

Mayflower is a project by ProMare in collaboration with IBM Research.

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