SeaRegs Training, specialists in internationally recognised maritime courses and marine apprenticeships, has ordered a customised REAV-28 Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) from Exeter-based HydroSurv. The vessel will be used to provide industry leading training for USV operators around the UK, primarily for their main facility at Turnchapel Wharf - the home of UK Maritime Autonomy.

This will be HydroSurv’s most advanced REAV-28 build to date and the company’s first USV to be fitted with state-of-the-art command and control software, VOYAGER AI, developed by marine autonomy leaders Robosys Automation.

VOYAGER AI enables advanced autonomous navigation and platform control through radar, AIS, perception systems, sonar and LIDAR, as well as sensor integration for autonomous collision, obstacle and grounding avoidance. These features will allow SeaRegs trainees to develop the knowledge and skills required to understand and operate cutting-edge and  complex navigation solutions for autonomous craft.

The new training vessel is expected to enter service at SeaRegs’ Turnchapel Wharf facility in Plymouth at the end of summer 2023.

“VOYAGER AI is the first choice for many of the world’s leading maritime training establishments, so it’s great that Robosys has teamed with two outstanding British companies to provide this to UK-based USV remote operations teams.”

- Nigel Lee, CSO of Robosys 

Hydrosurv REAV 28 USV In Build For Searegs Credit Hydrosurv 1536X1223

SeaRegs’ stringent training programme requirements have also contributed to the custom design, which will be used in the provision of courses for safe and efficient operation of mid-sized to large seagoing USVs. With its compact size, the REAV-28 is portable and practical for the training school to operate alongside existing vessels. It will, however, be equipped with a suite of situational awareness sensors typically seen on larger USVs, supporting SeaRegs’ aims to set new standards in the conversion of existing and new skippers to USV operation, with hands-on experience as part of its training portfolio.

Photo: Hydrosurv REAV 28 USV In Build For Searegs

“SeaRegs has always strived to be at the cutting edge of technology in training for the commercial vessel sector and we’ve been training USV operators for seven years now."

"We see this vessel and the relationships with HydroSurv and Robosys as a positive step forward in ensuring that new operators can learn USV operation, mission planning and regulation in a practical and hands-on way. Our aim is to have an accredited five-day training course available in the near future.

- Simon Jinks, Director of SeaRegs

“HydroSurv has consistently showcased ambition through its dedication to continuous innovation and product development."

"With a strong focus on establishing leadership on regulatory compliance and safety, this new partnership with SeaRegs and Robosys amplifies this commitment by putting a ground-breaking training asset into the hands of new operators.

- David Hull, Founder and CEO of HydroSurv

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