A warm welcome to HydroSurv - an Exeter-based company who recently visited Turnchapel Wharf  for sea trials of their Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV).

HydroSurv's technology aims increase the availability of marine geostaptial data for the ocean industries by acquiring data at sea autonomously. Their USV 'Inanibus' is designed to perform hydrographic and environmental survey work in open-water, tidal environments which demand greater endurance, sea-keeping and performance than their previously, smaller model.

Inanibus has an electric propulsion system but packs approximately 20,000Wh propulsion battery capacity alongside a separated 5,500Wh general service battery capacity.

Another wonderful example of the technological advances being made in the marine autonomy sector, as well as another company visiting the home of UK marine autonomy, Turnchapel Wharf.

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