Marine AI and Engaged Engineers have joined forces to introduce the most innovative Smart Shipping solutions for yachts, LNG carriers, ferries and bulk and container vessels. Engaged Engineers will offer Marine AI’s latest augmented intelligence products, based on the Mayflower Autonomous Ship’s system, to its maritime clients.

Based out of Turnchapel Wharf, Marine AI are a software engineering firm specialising in AI software, delivering sensor-driven intelligence to enhance maritime capabilities on or below the the water.

The Guardian Vision, Manned, Unmanned and Port solutions will reduce the risk of collisions, minimise vessel damage and down-time, reduce operational costs and improve fuel efficiency and the safety of crew.

The Guardian Manned solution uses the onboard AI Captain’s “foresight” to assist crew members with decision-making at sea. The system provides an enhanced assessment of navigation risk which enables the best possible lowest-risk actions to be taken.

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Making voyages more secure, efficient and sustainable

Erik Pouwen and Michael Lok, CEO and COO of Engaged Engineers, announced, “We are excited to be working with Marine AI to help transform how we sail the oceans: making voyages more secure, efficient and sustainable.” Matthew Ratsey, CEO of Marine AI, explained, “There is huge interest in our products, and close cooperation with Engaged Engineers will expand our reach and allow us to install and deploy more turnkey smart shipping solutions.”

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) project is the result of years of work and a global collaboration between: marine research non-profit ProMare, IBM, Nvidia, and dozens of partners from across industry and academia. The partners have worked together to design, build and sail the world's first full-sized, fully autonomous unmanned ship across the Atlantic Ocean. The Guardian Vision, Manned, Unmanned and Port solutions are the first products that are ready to be introduced to the market.

The augmented intelligence software and the smart sensors enable a ship to react to often-treacherous ocean environments. The systems comply with maritime law (COLREG & SOLAS) and empower crews to make crucial split-second decisions.

Additionally, they will re-route vessels around harsh weather environments and collect and analyse a significant volume of ocean data. This all happens 24/7.

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